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PGE® Furnax™ Welding Blankets


PGE® India in collaboration with our Japanese Partner has developed PGE® Furnax™ Welding Splatter Blanket made with Graphene Fiber. This unique product is available in nonWoven or Felt Form and offers a lightweight easy to carry Blanket that offers far superior performance than Ceramic and Asbestos. Best of all, it is itch-free.

Furnax™ Fabric is the trademark of PGE® offers astonishing Flame Protection, Heat Insulation, Heat Dissipation, and Thermal Resistivity even against naked flames. Unlike other traditional sources of Insulation, PGE® Furnax™ doesn’t burn or melt or disintegrate with a subject to a flame. Along with its excellent properties of heat dissipation, this offers a secure and new approach to Factory Safety. Available in sizes as per your requirement and in the thickness of 4mm and 6mm, we offer the Blanket in two forms: Woven and nonWoven with an additional option of one side Aluminized,


1. Unlike Ceramic, PGE® Furnax™ does not itch. Itch-FREE

2. Soft and Luxurious Feel without any discomfort

3. Heat Dissipation far superior to most Fabrics. Fine finish

4. Handles temperatures of up to 1000℃ in Oxidizing Environment and 3000℃ in Vacum

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