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PGE® SealPro


The PGE® SealProTM is a Reusable Gasket consisting of a Solid Metal Core with Serrations with a specialized flexible face consisting of various options for High Temperature, Chemical

Resistance, and Exhaust Gases etc.

Once the gasket is installed, the soft non-metallic material is forced into the metal core serrated grooves. As a result, the compressive stress increases, and multiple concentric high-pressure seals are created along the gasket face surface.

Unlike traditional spiral-wound gasket, all of the compressive force is exerted on the PGE® SealProTM facing, thus resulting in a very tight seal. Since the PGE® SealProTM is basically a solid metal, as opposed to alternating plies ofmetal and filler applied at spiral-wound gaskets; it is extremely resilient and easy to handle even in large diameters (2000mm)

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