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Insulating Gaskets Kits


Flange insulated gasket kits isolate and block the flow of electric current and also seals the system from leakages. Flange the most common trouble area needed to be sealed to prevent the leakages of the carrier system and also prevents the leakage of current, which causes undue corrosion and electric break down of metal.

We offer a variety of DONIT TESNIT Materials as Insulating Gasket Kits adhering to applications and sealing requirements. Our Primary Gaskets are made from DONIT Tesnit (Made in Europe) Certified Materials only.

Each Insulating Gasket Kit contains

a) One DONIT Certified Gasket

b) One insulating Bolt Sleeves per Bolt.

c) Two SS Washers per Bolt

d)Two Insulating Washers per Bolt

No of Bolts required decided by the ASME Std.

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