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ePTFE Adhesive Tapes


EPTFE tape is especially suitable for sealing flange connections, pipe systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc. In addition, it’s also ideal for seals in glass, enamel, and plastic flanges, vessels, and special shaped sealing surface.EPTFE tape saves money and time. Since there is no scrap or waste, it costs less than other gasket materials. By using only a few sizes, large inventories of sheet gasket and costly precut gaskets can be eliminated. Installation time is kept to a minimum since there are no templates, precutting, or special fitting requirements.

100% pure, especially processed PTFE sealant provides soft, highly compressible gasket on a roll for long-life, trouble-free sealing that cuts maintenance and storing costs. Underpressure, PTFE sealant provides a very thin and wide ribbon-like joint sealant so that the smallest possible gasket surface area is exposed to the harmful effects of corrosive media.

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